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About Me

I’m Brad Podhajsky, a small builder located in the Denver Metropolitan Area. A part of my ongoing business is buying houses for any reason and in any condition. That’s what I do, but in my “real life”, my wife Becky and I have been married since 1991 and we have four children. I grew up in Colorado, moved away when I went to college, but eventually found my way back permanently and have lived here with my family since 1996. I love Colorado and the outdoor scenery and activities that are available to us. When I get the rare opportunity, I enjoy my “therapy sessions” (a.k.a. fly fishing). I competed in and completed an Ironman triathlon event in 2007 where my oldest son ran alongside me the final 100 yards and we crossed the finish line together.

I’m proud to see that he’s picked up the sport and has become quite the triathlete himself. My other children are also quite active and compete in triathlons, gymnastics, swimming, biking and cyclecross events.

My family and I serve others less fortunate than we, by working with the Burmese refugees here in Denver who have left their lives and homes and familiar surroundings to escape true tyranny and oppression.  As a part of this activity I am a board member of the Colorado Burma Roundtable Network.

When we are not taxi drivers for our three children still at home,  I run“Investors Realty Resource of Colorado” (IRROC) one of the largest and fastest growing real estate clubs in the Rocky Mountain Region.  One of the ways that IRROC invests back into the community is through our annual foster kid Christmas gift drive.  It has been a rewarding experience for all of us who have been involved since 2008 to bring joy into a kids’ lives with unexpected Christmas gifts.

I have been buying houses for over 10 years and I work with homeowners to creatively structure “win-win” deals for folks who need to sell their homes for any reason and regardless of the condition. If you need some help, please give me a call at 303-327-7176. I’d be happy to work alongside you to find a solution.
– Brad