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I will give you an offer to buy your house.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

In a traditional sale of a house, you may use a real estate agent who offers limited options and limited choices because all they do is bring buyers and sellers together (for which they charge you a substantial commission).  I don’t do that.  I buy houses directly from the owners and since everyone’s situation is unique, I specialize in creating custom solutions for homeowners who want to sell their houses.  I’m not a “one trick pony” like a real estate agent.  I customize solutions for every client individually.

How quickly will we be able to close?

The time frame is purely up to you.  I am on your schedule, not vice versa.  That’s one of the benefits of working with me, you don’t have to wait on a buyer or a real estate agent or a bank.  You’re only waiting on yourself.

My house is in TERRIBLE condition. Are you still interested?

The condition of your home would never stop me from looking at it.  While I won’t know for sure until I’ve seen it, chances are I could very well be interested in it.  I look at the potential more than the current condition.

My home is in great shape, but I have no equity!

Your lack of equity normally isn’t a deal breaker.  I would need to discuss your specific situation.  I buy a lot of houses – and I’ve bought a lot of houses in the past with no equity.  Many times, I can sometimes find creative solutions to this problem.  But every situation is unique so I’ll need to get as much information from you as possible and see what can be done.

I’m not in foreclosure, but I am a couple of months behind on my payments. Can you help me?

Possibly.  While every situation is different, I might be able to help.  I’ve been able to help lots of homeowners who thought they were in a hopeless situation.

I could sell through a real estate agent. Why would I sell to you?

Honestly, by the time most people call me they’ve either already tried, unsuccessfully, to sell through a real estate agent or know they don’t have time to waste listing with an agent.  They usually don’t have any equity or they have very little equity and they simply can’t afford the real estate commission.  In many cases they don’t have the cash to fix the house or they just don’t want strangers walking through their houses at odd or inconvenient times.

Do you have a different question? Feel free to contact me.

Your situation is special and your reason for wanting or needing to sell is unique. You have a real estate problem. I can offer tangible real estate solutions TODAY, not six months or a year down the road.